TAKE FLIGHT has impacted the lives of over 1000 kids and families since 2009 and it´s ready to take new future challenges. Since 2009, Take Flight Inc. has provided services for children, youth, and families throughout the Washington D.C, Maryland, and Virginia areas. Our services are focused on health & wellness, mental, physical, and emotional well-being. We embrace this life and make people understand the connection between physical, mental, and emotional health.

Our programs are built on the foundation of trust and confidence. We strengthen knowledge of children, youth, and families by building their knowledge and confidence in fitness workout and wellness to ensure long-term success and health.

August 2009 “The Purpose”

The organization was founded with an initial focus geared toward assisting low-income families with financial education, workforce development, and life skills.

June 2011 “First Milestone”

We partnered with MD Choices and DC Choices to support youth with significant behavioural, educational, and emotional challenges.

April 2012 – March 2015 “Closer to Dream”

We then partnered with Wraparound Maryland to provide services to youth and their families using the wraparound principles. We also partnered with Collaboration Council and Excel Beyond the Bell providing After-School Program in Montgomery County Schools. Also, a collaboration with YMCA to provide services to families and youth in the Greater Washington DC area. You name it and we covered it all!

Spring 2016 – September 2018 “Hard work & Achievement” 

We expanded Athletic Performance and Personal Training services throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. We worked in partnership with Excel Beyond The Bell, Collaboration Council, and Montgomery County Recreation to provide After-School Programs in Montgomery County Schools.

January 2019 – “Going Strong”

Almost a decade and we are still going strong. Considering the Global Pandemic, we are more active and providing online courses and programs, as we have new challenges and dreams to fulfil now. New responsibilities, New missions!


The visioner

Meet the Inspiration Behind Take Flight 

A person’s encounter with his life experiences inspire and guide him towards actions, says the founder of Take Flight – Paul Williams.

    After battling depression and mental health issues at a younger age in life, he chose to move out of this and become the BEST VERSION of himself. He is now a certified personal trainer, financial educator, mentor, coach, and a former Division 1 Athlete. He values physical fitness because of the daily power dose and motivation he gets from it. He believes these dots are connected and have a deep meaning to inspire. 

  All his experiences have been phenomenal while working with others, he has witnessed so many lives changing and becoming the BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES. So, now he is on his way to help, guide, and enlighten lives through physical and mental well-being.