No, all age groups are invited to join our programs. There are no restrictions for a particular kind. Though our main focus remains at kids, we are open to all. You can look at our different programs and be a part of them accordingly and easily.

Take Flight’s Youth Wellness Program is specially designed for kids in schools, organizations, and local recreational centers. The initiative is all about teaching the importance of physical education and building mental health care amongst the students. There are a lot of fun exercises and activities that we plan for them and develop a great engagement through well-trained instructors.
100% yes! Our coaches and instructors are well trained and experienced in their respective fields. You can also confirm about their education and everything with us before you plan to hire Take Flight. We are open to all kinds of queries and concerns.
At Take Flight, we are focused more on quality than quantity. Our regular ratio is 1:10. That is one trainer and 10 students. We like to stress on personal attention and care, thus we make it specific and restricted to a certain ratio. We are glad that students like when they get a chance to share and learn from their respective instructors. 
There is a family FitCamp program that is designed especially for those who are looking to exercise and have fun together with their family members. It is one of the most loved programs of all and we get a lot of enrolments in it. If you too want to spend quality time with your family, then this is the best to join. 
Take Flight provides all equipment and materials for the sessions/programs. If the organization wishes to use its own equipment to supplement the activities, our instructors can coordinate with school officials to use their equipment. There are no restrictions on it. But, a prior discussion is mandatory to avoid hassles and confusion. 
Our organization has been running strong for 11 years now. We started in 2009 and it is 2020 and we have progressed a lot through hard work and dedication. The kind of support and love that we have got in the past so many years, is phenomenal and encouraging. We hope to continue with the same spirit. 
We are totally FLEXIBLE! We aim to collaborate with organizations to determine the best schedule to accommodate the maximum number of participants. We think AGILE! You can always discuss your schedule and we can manage to fix it according to your convenience. 
Yes, we do organize indoor and outdoor onsite sessions to meet any space constraints an organization may have. We look for good space where students can accommodate easily without having to stuff themselves. 

As a participant, we advise you to be present in all the sessions so that the rhythm doesn’t break. When you are continuous with your classes, you don’t miss anything. Every class has something new planned for you and thus, we always suggest to attend one unless there is an emergency. 

It is simple as you are on the website already. Navigate to the contact page and click there to fill the requirements. Once you are done with all, submit them, and congratulations on being a part of Take Flight now!

Whenever a new program comes up, we will notify you on your registered phone number and email address. We will always keep you all updated with the latest amendments, courses, and programs.