How to keep your skin beautiful year round

Whenever you’re out and you meet someone the first thing they notice is your skin. It’s something that is right there and you can’t really avoid it which is why many of us are trying hard to have great looking skin. All of us have different issues when it comes to our skin but there are a few things that work for everyone.

They aren’t complex and don’t take a lot of time or effort and doing them will surely make your skin look better and feel healthier.

9 Things To Improve Your Skin Health

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water is essential for our overall health and every organ in our body. Staying hydrated at all times has a huge positive impact on our skin as well. Drinking lots of water will ensure that your skin cells function the right way because, like most of the cells in our body, water is one of the main components which they are made of. If you spend your entire day without taking a sip of water and start to dehydrate you’ll notice that your skin is drying out and becomes flaky. The recommended amount of water you should consume daily to have perfectly hydrated skin is about half of your body weight in ounces. This isn’t very hard to do as you can just grab a water bottle with you and drink from it wherever you are.

Get Enough Sleep

Another important thing you need to do is to make sure that you’re sleeping properly and getting enough rest. Getting enough sleep is important because while we’re sleeping, our entire body is repairing damaged cells and growing new skin cells. If we fail to get enough sleep the body won’t have enough time to perform the needed maintenance and your skin will be one of the first things to suffer. People who aren’t getting the proper amount of sleep usually suffer from hyperpigmentation which shows most under their eyes in the form of dark bags. The recommended amount of sleep you should aim for is between 7 and 9 hours each night.

Join A Fitness Program

Getting into a fitness workout or any kind of fitness program can do wonders for our general well-being but it will also have an amazing impact on keeping your skin beautiful year-round. The way it helps our skin is by increasing the flow of blood through the entire body making sure that every inch of it is nourished. Another thing the flow of blood does to help out is to take care of waste like free radicals and disposes of them making sure the cell remains healthy and working. Ideally, we would recommend spending at least an hour a day working out even though it’s a bit hard to do. If you aren’t able to dedicate so much time, the minimum amount of weekly workouts should be 3 hours.

Eat Properly

Consuming the right nutrients that your body needs to maintain the overall health is important for the skin too. Making sure that you are eating right by following a balanced nutrition plan like the Freeletics Nutrition Plan will surely have a positive impact on your skin health.

If your diet plan right now is too high in sugar it may be the reason why your skin isn’t as healthy as it’s supposed to be. Eating too much sugar will increase your cortisol levels through glycosylation and it will glue itself to the collagen in your body which is in charge of keeping your skin elastic and young and prevent it from doing its job.

To make sure you’re eating right it’s best to stick to healthy fats that are present in fish and nuts but also eat plenty of green vegetables and berries to consume antioxidants. Citrus fruits are also a great source of vitamin C which is an essential vitamin that keeps your skin and entire body healthy. Staying away from highly processed foods is also important because they are packed with empty calories and just a few nutrients that won’t help your skin health at all.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is known to be harmful to our general health but it’s been linked to wrinkling of your skin especially around your mouth area. Another thing that smoking does to our body is reducing the size of the already small blood vessels in the outside layers of our skin preventing the transportation of oxygen and other important nutrients that keeps our skin healthy and hydrated.

Stay Away From Stress

Stress causes our cortisol levels to spike and when they have spiked the collagen level decreases. As we mentioned before, collagen has an important role in keeping our skin elastic which contributes to healthier-looking skin, and if the quantity of it decreases our skin will suffer. Staying away from stressful situations is quite impossible but remaining calm and leveled in those situations is something you can control. If you’ve had a stressful day, make sure you take some time to unwind and do something relaxing to balance yourself.

Use Sun Protection

The sun can be a huge factor in damaging your skin especially if you’re not wearing sunblock. Whether it’s cloudy or windy outside the rays of the sun are still directly impacting your skin and skipping on wearing sun protection might cause your skin to get burned. The UVA and UVB rays of the sun are the ones you need to be worried about because they may cause sunburns and cancer. Even if you’re wearing pants and long sleeve shirts the skin on your face and neck remains exposed and you should not forget your sunblock before going out.

Moisturize Your Skin

Drinking water to keep our body hydrated is important but sometimes it’s not enough and we need to use moisturizers on our skin to make sure that it’s being well-hydrated too. The best way to apply moisturizer to your skin is in circular patterns and an upward direction.

Use Cosmetics That Suit Your Skin

Make sure that you know your skin type when you’re out shopping for cosmetics because different skin types require different treatments. If you have dry skin and you get cosmetics for treating oily skin, you will end up doing the exact opposite and you may damage your skin even more.

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