Group Wellness

We at Take Flight collaborate with schools and community organizations to provide our Youth Wellness Programs. It is a 12-week curriculum that focuses on getting school aged kids moving with physical fitness activities such as squat, push up, plank, and more. Our instructors make these classes more engaging and interesting with their years of expertise and fun way of interaction.

Each class includes a free play period, warm-up, skill, running-related activities, class game, and short nutritional talk. So, this particular session is specially designed as an exercise program for kids. We understand a kid’s emotional and physical development is different from elders and that’s why we planned it according to them.

It is fun and motivating as we include basic fundamental movement skills like kicking, catching, throwing, striking, and other fitness principles such as strength, endurance, coordination. There are a lot of games and age-specific information shared with them especially for the K-8 students. It is really an active programs for kids and they love it.

We too have something for kid’s mental development and peace. We are in collaboration with a local yoga studio to create fun and easy yoga and mindfulness activities. These are uniquely designed to activate the body’s relaxation response by breathing deep, matching your breath and body together, and moving your whole body in harmony with itself. These activities are perfect for students of all ages with no restrictions or disclaimers.

How Take Flight’s Youth Wellness Programs and Community Fitness Programs Helps:
  1. Promotes healthy choices and active lifestyles in children
  2. Build fitness level and include fun play activities, think games with education
  3. Each class vary in games and activities to keep kids engaged and excited
  4. The class is designed and led by a certified Take Flight instructor who are trained to customize programs, teach lessons and work with K-12 students
  5. Encourage collaboration among all participants
  6. Designed to improve strength endurance, cardiorespiratory fitness, athletic abilities, and overall wellbeing

Our goal is to create POSITIVE & FUN learning experiences so kids walk away feeling their best as they are. They should feel motivated, comfortable, and confident in their ability to move, build healthy habits, and take charge of their health and mental peace. Kids are the future of the world and we have to guide them today so that they lead tomorrow.